In House Price Guarantee

You Get The Real Price For Your Project.  That’s Our Guarantee


The Window Experts understand that when you are making the decision to make a significant investment in your home, you want information.  That is why we want to provide you with a price for your project during our visit.  Every bit of information helps.

Yes, we know, other home improvement companies also put a “price on the table” during their visit.  Often times it is followed up with several high pressured attempts to try and get you to commit before they leave the house.

What these companies won’t tell you is that the price they are showing you is extremely inflated.  Why?  Because they need to make sure they cover the costs of the project when they actually price it out!  Here’s the kicker:  if you sign at that price they will take every penny to the bank without ever letting you know you paid too much for your project.

The Window Experts knows you shouldn’t have to pay more than the actual cost of the project.  However, because we are making a preliminary estimate during our visit, we do have to show you a proposal that insures all of our bases are covered.

The good news?  With our Max Price Guarantee you can be assured that you will see the actual price for your project before you ever sign a contract or give a deposit.  If the proposal we show you during our visit fits with your needs and you are ready to move forward with us, we simply ask for your commitment today and we will start working on your detailed proposal.

The extra good news?  When you get your actual proposal, we guarantee that it will be less than what we show you during our initial visit.  You get the real price and pay what you should for your project.  Its just how it should be done, and its just how its done with The Window Experts..


If you are ready to start the conversation with us… please let us know.


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