Who We Are

Thank you again for stopping by our site.  We understand that if you are doing research for your San Antonio window replacement project, you are here to gather information.  While our site will provide you information about the products and installation we offer, you want to know who it is is you will be working with and if they know what the heck they are doing!

The information below is not empty “about us” information.  You know what we are talking about: Paragraphs about how we are “committed to excellence”, “in business for 20 years”, “the greatest window and door replacement company to ever be in San Antonio”…

Read below about Justin Howe, the owner of The Window Experts.  These are his words and his unofficial resume.  We believe you will find that we don’t just talk the talk, we have the experience to walk the walk.

Installation Matters.  Get It Done With the Right People.

Justin Howe – Owner

I started in the window business twelve years ago as a salesperson. My initial job was working with builders, remodelers and architects focusing on high end custom homes and commercial projects. The job required me to not only provide clients with a window package, but also insure it was the right product for the application. I understood that clients needed more than just a transaction, they needed a consultant. The sales opportunity allowed me to develop the idea that providing windows was only one part of it. Providing insight and experience was what truly made the project successful.

After four years in sales, I moved in to the role of sales manager. I truly enjoyed this role because it allowed me to help and develop other people to be able to serve their customers. In addition, I was able to develop my skills on dealing with higher level project issues and handle customer service concerns. During my time as a sales manager I was tasked with helping to smooth out issues in the company’s service department. While this was a challenging task, it taught me the importance of dedicated customer service. The best thing I learned: No matter how good the product is, if the client experience is not pleasant, you will not have a happy customer.

After seven years of developing my knowledge of the window industry, it was time for me to start The Window Experts. We opened our doors inJune of 2009 and were the first Certified Milgard Dealer in Central and South Texas. I founded the company on the idea that customers were looking for a quality product, but even more so, a quality company that they could feel comfortable with to handle their project. Over the years, the company has been blessed to serve many clients and our success is due to a simple fact: we deliver the value for the price each and every time.

With potential customers like you, I have the opportunity to continue to write my company’s story.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you on your project.

Justin Howe